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馬總對選秀及大交易的評論 by Bryan Fonseca Jun 23, 2017, 2:10am EDT


After a draft that saw the Brooklyn Nets take Texas big Jarrett Allen at 22 and FC Barcelona’s Aleksandar Vezenkov at 57, AND officially discuss the week’s big trade, general manager Sean Marks spent about 12 minutes with the media.

在選秀會以22順位選到德州大學內線Jarrett Allen及57順位選到FC Barcelona’s Aleksandar Vezenkov(將放養在歐洲的內線)及前幾天的交易正式生效後, 馬總花了12分鐘跟媒體交流

After graciously shaking all of our hands, here’s what he had to say.


First things first, he spoke about the acquisitions of D’Angelo Russell and Timfoey Mozgov from the Los Angeles two days ago, a deal made officially during the second round, Marks is clearly ecstatic about the move.

首先他談到了二天前從湖人交易來迪安傑羅羅素及提莫非墨子高夫, 在進行第二輪選秀時這個交易正式成立了, 馬總顯然很開心這個交易

“The trade overall, it’s about getting a couple of pieces to add to our young core,” Marks said. “D’Angelo Russell, obviously we know what he’s done in the league over his first couple of years being 21 years old. I think he’ll be a nice complimentary piece to what we’ve got with our young guys here. Timofey brings a system fit to the way Kenny (Atkinson) likes to play.”

這個交易整體而言就是得到一些拼圖來加入我們的年輕核心們, 馬總說道, 明顯的我們都瞭解迪安傑羅羅素在他僅21歲的年紀頭二年在聯盟裡的表現, 我認為他會是我們這些年輕球員的一個很好的補充, 提莫非帶來適合肯尼體系的能力

On Russell’s maturity, which has come into question, Marks declared he was unfazed, and hinted at the level of excitement he said everyone in the organization feels.

羅素的不成熟問題也被提問, 馬總聲稱他並沒有受到這個問題的影響, 並且整個球團都(為交易)感覺相當興奮

“When you’re able to get a talent like that in your gym, we’re excited about that,” said the Net GM. “We’ve talked to Jeremy, Caris, Rondae and the other players, they’re excited about getting a young player with a lot of upside. I’m not concerned about the maturity and so forth, what I’m concerned about is what he brings and the culture and so forth – to develop him as a basketball player and as a young man.”

當你得到一個有才能的球員在你的球館裡, 我們都為此感到興奮, 馬總說, 我們曾跟一頭霧水的傑若米, 勒維兒,RHJ還有其他球員聊過, 他們都很興奮能得到一個有許多優點的年輕球員, 我不擔憂成熟度等等的問題, 我關心的只是他能帶來的還有用(球隊)文化等等來發展他成為一個籃球員及(堂正的)年輕人

Marks is of the belief that Lin and Russell will not only co-exist, but excel. He honed in on the level of offensive firepower the new backcourt brings.

馬總相信鐵面無私的小林跟羅素將不只是能並存, ­而是會很傑出, 他特別提到這對新的後場搭檔能帶來的進攻火力的提升

“Kenny and I talked about it a little bit, I don’t want to go into great detail, we’ll address that in a few days’ time, but having both those guys gives us a lot of versatility,” he said. “We have Jeremy, Caris and now D’Angelo, all that can break defenses down, handle the ball, the ability to shoot from the outside – we’re looking forward to that.”

肯尼跟我討論過一些, 我不多說細節, 我們幾天後會再跟大家談談, 但有他們二個可以給我們很大的多樣性, 馬總說, 我們有人中龍鳳的傑若米, 勒維兒現在又有了迪安傑羅, 他們都能痛擊對手防線, 都能持球, 外線投籃的能力, 這是我們所期待的

Marks also adds Lin is not worried. In fact, he welcomes the opportunity to work with Russell.

馬總同時補充陽光開朗的小林並不感到擔憂, 他很歡迎能跟羅素一起合作的機會

He’s (Jeremy) a very mature young man as you all know. What he will do to help develop D’Angelo will be terrific,” said Marks. “The rest of our guys look up to him, his work ethic, how he practices, how he plays – it intrigues people. I’m not worried about how they get along on the court. I’m sure they’ll be growing pains for the entire roster as the roster continues to grow and change.”

就如同你們所知道的,他(少年老成的小林)是一個很成熟的年輕人, 他將做的關於幫助開發迪安傑羅的能力將是無與倫比的, 馬總說, 我們的其他球員都尊敬他及他的職業道德, 他如何練球, 他如何打球, 這很吸引人, 我不擔心他們在場上如何相處, 我很確定當隊友持續成長或是有所變動時他們將肯定願意有相對的犧牲

Now for the new blood.


Finding Allen, the 6’11” quick-footed athletic forward who the Nets selected at No. 22, was a big surprise for Marks, who didn’t plan on seeing Allen still on the board when Brooklyn picked.

在22順位選到6’11”具運動力的快腿前鋒是馬總的一大驚喜, 他原本並不預期阿倫在22順位還能選到

He said, at that time, Allen was the best player available. That falls in line with the draft team’s strategy. Best player available.

他說, 在那時候, 阿倫是剩下來的最好球員, 這跟選秀團隊的策略不謀而合, 選當時最好的球員

“We’re extremely fortunate to get him,” he said. “He’s an incredible young man, very versatile, he has not even remotely scratched the surface of what he can do. If you look at how he’s improved through his very short time in Texas, it’s exciting for us. He fits exactly what we’re doing. We know his coach Shaka Smart very well – Shaka spoke very highly of him.”

我們很幸運能得到他, 馬總說, 他是個難以置信的年輕人, 非常多才多藝, 他現在只是達到他的上限的皮毛而已, 如果你看看他在德州大學很短的時間所取得的巨大進步, 我們很興奮, 他完全符合我們的理念, 我們跟他的教練很熟, 他對阿倫的評價很高

“We interviewed Jarrett in Chicago,” he continued. “We were unable to bring him in for a workout, but we spent some time with him Wednesday. We were definitely surprised he was available. He was a guy we had very high on our board.”

我們跟阿倫在芝加哥碰面, 馬總繼續道, 我們無法讓他來試訓, 但我們花了一些時間跟他相處, 我們絕對很驚訝他那時還沒被選走, 他在我們的白板上是很高的順位

When asked if he was much higher on the Nets big board than he was selected, Marks simply responded with a cool “yes.”

當問到阿倫是否比籃網預計能挑選到新秀高出許多順位, 馬總耍酷的簡單回答 “是”

“I think he brings a lot,” Marks added, talking about what Allen offers. “Obviously the upside is huge for him. Versatility, we love the way he runs the floor. He’s a mobile big who can guard several positions, switch on pick and rolls – he fits this modern NBA where you see big guys that can move and really get up and down. He’s really just scratched the surface.”

我想他可以為我們帶來很多, 馬總補充說, 明顯的他的上限很高, 多才多藝, 我們喜歡他在球場上打球的方式, 他是有機動力的大個, 能防守好幾個位置, 在擋拆時能換防, 他符合現代NBA大個球員能靈活移動的潮流, 並且他真的只是剛開始開發他自己的能力而已

As far Aleksandar Vezenkov, who the Nets drafted at 57 overall, a.k.a. the Manu Ginobili Spot, Marks simply referred to the 6’9” forward as an ‘elite shooter’, with no hesitation.

談到57順位又名馬怒順位的Aleksandar Vezenkov , 馬總只是毫不猶豫簡單的以菁英射手帶過,

The Nets will introduce Allen at a press conference at 1 p.m. Friday.


After the Draft ended, the Nets began signing undrafted players to training camp deals. Milton Doyle, a 6’4” shooting guard out of Loyola Chicago, was the first to be identified

選秀會後籃網開始簽下落選秀的訓練營合同, 6’4’”的Milton Doyle是第一個被證實的

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