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本篇主要是講述籃網的新總教練 肯尼·阿特金森,看完後就順手轉為繁體,讓 isay 的豪友們可以再更多瞭解一下這位新賽季開始後將直接影響我豪未來在NBA的成就的總教練。肯尼·阿特金森 (Kenny Atkinson) —— 完全可說是我豪的貴人,紐約尼克林來瘋來襲時的關鍵教練,這是新賽季籃網的一個非常正確的選擇,相同的,我相信我豪也一定會是籃網及教練的最明智正確選擇,讓我們一起期待林來瘋升級版的再次來襲吧。



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Why Kenny Atkinson is the Right Choice for TheBrook-LIN Nets

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何以見得 肯尼·阿特金森 是 布魯克-林 籃網正確的選擇

After seeing his beloved Brooklyn Nets turn intothe league』s cautionary tale under ex general manager Billy King, the ambitiousRussian owner Mikhail Prokhorov finally realized one simple truth – there areno shortcuts to greatness. By appointing Sean Marks as the team』s generalmanager and relieving Lionel Hollins of head coaching duties, the Nets wereready to start fresh. Though it was speculated that the club would have troubleattracting a big name coach, the Nets went on and secured the services of oneof the most talented and sought-after assistant coaches in the NBA, KennyAtkinson.

Nothing else really made sense. Given theircurrent situation, Brooklyn needed a head coach who could both provide playingadvice and serve as a mentor to a young roster that Marks wants to assemble.Kenny Atkinson has certainly got the credentials to be successful in his newjob, and you can bet he』s excited about the opportunity.


自從看到自己心愛的球隊 —— 布魯克林網隊 被前總經理比利金敗壞成聯盟中的反面教材後,球隊雄心勃勃的俄羅斯老闆麥克海爾.普洛克霍夫最終意識到了一個簡單的真理 —— 通往偉大沒有捷徑可走。通過任命肖恩.馬克思作為球隊的新任經理和解除萊昂內爾.霍林斯的主教練職務,網隊做好了重新開始的準備。儘管球隊很難吸引一個大牌教練是可以被預計的,但網隊沒有停止他們前進的步伐,他們最終得到了一位極具才華,且在NBA業界深受肯定的助理教練——肯尼.阿特金森。


Ever since his college basketball days,Atkinson was known as a hard worker. He would regularly spend his days off inthe weight room, shooting the basket and doing squats for as long as he couldtake it. His diligence paid off in 1988, when he led the Richmond Spiders tothe NCAA Championship』sSweet Sixteen, defeating defending champions Indiana Hoosiers along the way.Though that was not quite enough to earn him a spot in the NBA – he wentundrafted in 1990 – it did help him carve out a career overseas. During hisfourteen years as a pro player, Atkinson played in France, Italy, Germany,Spain and the Netherlands. Even today, he speaks five languages fluently – atrue testament to his character.

Atkinson』s background helped him get theattention of another player-turned-coach with a European pedigree – MikeD』Antoni, the then-Knicks coach. After learning the tricks of the trade as theDirector of Player Development for the Houston Rockets in 2007-08, he acceptedthe job of assistant coach for the Knicks, where he spent the next four yearsof his career. During this period, he was praised mostly for his player developmentskills. Under his tutelage and tireless drills, Jeremy Lin went from an obscureIvy Leaguer to the NBA』s most thrilling story. It was Lin who said it best –without Atkinson, there might have been no Linsanity at all. With Atkinson asthe assistant coach, the Knicks made the postseason twice, in 2011 and 2012.

從阿特金森在大學打球開始,他的努力勤勉就被人熟知,他會經常在健身房裡消磨他的業餘時光,壓搾自身極限般的做投籃和深蹲訓練。他的勤奮在1988年獲得了回報,他帶領裡士滿蜘蛛隊擊敗衛冕冠軍印第安納人隊,一路殺進了NCAA錦標賽十六強。雖然這還不足以讓他在聯盟中獲得一個位置,他在參加1990年選秀時落選了(和我們書豪同病相憐?怪不得惺惺相惜),但這確實也幫助他在海外開拓了屬於自己的職業生涯。作為職業球員的十四年時間裡,阿特金森的足跡幾乎遍佈整個歐洲知名聯賽,法國、意大利、德國、西班牙、荷蘭…即便是現在,他依舊還能流利地說五種語言(什麼時候能學會中文啊?估計學不會:)—— 這是對他個性的最好證明(歐洲風格的教練,更注重整體,更注重培養挖掘年輕球員?)。

阿特金森的背景幫助他獲得了另一位同樣與歐洲籃球理念血脈相連的教練 —— 麥克.德安東尼的關注和青睞,他也是當時紐約尼克斯的主教練。阿特金森在2007-08擔任休斯頓火箭球員發展總監期間掌握了一些交易方面的竅門後,接受了德安東尼教練給他的擔任尼克斯隊助理教練的邀請,他在那裡一呆就是四年。在紐約尼克斯隊擔任助教期間,他挖掘並提升球員技術的能力被高度肯定。在他的引導和不知疲倦的訓練下,林書豪這個來自常春籐聯盟的球員締造了NBA有史以來最驚人的神話。書豪曾說阿特金森是最好的教練,沒有他,也許根本就不會有林瘋狂的誕生。在阿特金森擔任助教期間,尼克斯於2011和2012兩次殺入季後賽。

Let』s look a bit deeper into Atkinson』scoaching philosophy. Given his stints with the Hawks 2015 Summer League teamand the Dominican Republic, it』s obvious that Atkinson places much importanceon spacing, player positioning and timing. While having some semblance ofspacing is pretty much a given in today』s NBA, Atkinson is one of the fewcoaches who clearly knows how to utilize it in the most efficient way. Lateralball movement has become his calling card, and it seems likely that he』llcontinue with the same strategy in the Nets. Given that this Nets rosterdoesn』t have a clear identity just yet, you can expect Atkinson to try out anumber of different play styles, but the Brook-Lin pick-and-roll, dribble-driveformations and constant motion should play a big part in the team』s offense.

With the matter of their head coach resolved ina satisfying way, the Nets should concentrate their efforts on getting him aroster he can work with. With their offers for Tyler Johnson and Allen Crabbematched by the Heat and the Blazers, respectively, the Nets still have oodlesof cap space that they need to spend before even meeting the new salary floor.While their point guard rotation seems to have been settled by signing Lin andGreivis Vasquez, pretty much every other position needs to be improved with –preferably – young talent. It remains to be seen how the Nets use all thatmoney, but the current situation is not exactly ideal.



As it stands right now, Kenny Atkinson, BrookLopez and Jeremy Lin are the biggest reasons for new-found optimism among theNets fans. For a hard worker with such a keen basketball mind, it』s a surpriseAtkinson wasn』t offered a head coaching job long before the Nets would have hada chance to grab him. His former colleagues – D』Antoni, Budenholzer, Jeff VanGundy – had nothing but praise for him. The road in front of Brooklyn is hard,but the right man at the right time can make all the difference in the world.It took them a while, but the Nets have found that man – now all that remainsis a little patience so Atkinson can work his player development magic andsurprise everyone when the season starts.


In 2012,the Atlanta Hawks came calling, and it was time for another change of scenery.During the next four years, Atkinson continued to earn his stripes under MikeBudenholzer, one of the most respected head coaches in the league and a formerlongtime San Antonio Spurs assistant coach. The Hawks went on the make theplayoffs in each of Atkinson』s four seasons with the club. The 2014-15 seasonsaw the club register a franchise record-breaking 60 wins and clinch theirfirst division title in more than twenty years. Atkinson has been given a lotof credit for these fantastic results, and Jeff Teague, Al Horford, Kyle Korverand Kent Bazemore were especially enamored with his teaching ability.


when you think about it ,itmade sense from the beginning;in addition to his other undeniable qualitiessuch as leadrship,communication skill and breadth of basketball knowledge,Atkinson is still mostly seen as an extrordinary development coach.
For a Nets team trying toturn a new leaf and go all-in on young talents,Atkinson is an ideal fit.And,ofcourse, New York is his city.He was born in nearby northport,a historicmaritime village located within the Town of Huntington on Long Island,New York.


Following his first headcoaching gig with the Dominican Republic national team at the FIBA AmericaChampionship, it didn』t take long for Atkinson to get a similar opportunity inthe NBA.
When Tony Brown stepped downas the interim head coach of the Nets, the media expected at least a month ofrumors and leaks related to the identity of the new head coach.
That might have happenedwith the prior regime; however, Sean Marks decided to go the other way and woothe Nets』 top target on the hush-hush.



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  1. 感謝翻譯,非常謝謝,這篇把阿特金森的故事,講的很清楚,讓人對JLin的選擇很放心,對的時間,出現對的人,真是最好的說法了。

  2. 原來"師叔"和書豪一樣都是落選球員,那森總會不會把書豪當作自己來看待呢?




  3. 教練的信任可以讓書豪不再患得患失, 可以讓書豪在場上盡情揮灑,

    有了開心打球的控衛,有了團隊作戰的球隊, 收穫成功是遲早的事.


    怎麼看都是美不勝收的畫面啊 !!

    謝謝版大轉的好文, 讓我們又更了解阿森教練了(決定以後就叫他阿森了)

  4. 感謝Lin2016大翻得真好!

    放眼看去有多少球隊主教練與PG可以配合得如此契合?Atkinson+Lin = Open a world of possibilities!  

    1+1=無限… 相信他們兩位可以設計好多好華麗的隊形,好期待球季趕快來啊!



    1. 可是在A計畫失敗前,Atkinson說 不需要林來瘋;但是在啟動B計畫時,Atkinson又說要林來瘋,這讓人很懷疑Atkinson到底有沒有要挺林書豪,當他的靠山???????

  5. 之前林宣佈加入籃網的當天,@Netsdaily說有林粉第一時間想要申請 Brook-Lin 的商標權,看來就是這篇文章原文出處的 brook-lin.com,brook-lin.com還有最新兩篇文章一篇是籃網俄籍老闆寫的關於他做為第一個NBA球隊的外籍老闆過去幾年在NBA學到的教訓和經驗的公開信,另一篇則是是關於籃網GM Sean Marks的,兩篇都值得一讀:

    NBA U: Lessons learned – An open letter from Mikhail Prokhorov



    Lesson 3: Culture Trumps Talent  球隊文化比天賦重要

    Getting everyone pulling in the same direction, working toward a single goal is not easy. I’ve seen over these years that personalities can strongly affect results. There can be differences of vision and opinion, and everyone should be heard, but, once we have a strategy, we all need to work together to fulfill it and put our individual issues behind us. It also means we need to have the courage to say, “We’ll not go for that player because, as much as he’s talented, he doesn’t fit into the culture we are building.” It takes guts to say “no” as much as it does to say “yes.” — 我們不會去考慮一位很有天賦但不適合我們要建立的球隊文化的球員


    Brook-LIN Nets Look to the Future with Sean Marks






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