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11 teams that can benefit most from signing Jeremy Lin in free agency
by Zach Harper CBSSPORTS

曾聽說過CBS是對小林比較不友善的媒體, 但這篇感覺還比較正面, 並且頗令人感覺振奮, 跟大家分享一下…

沒時間看長文JR的重點提示 : 小林的新合約很容易可以上看16M, 再不濟也有12M以上…

Linsanity was a phenomenon not too long ago.

In the 2011-12 season. Jeremy Lin was given an opportunity with the Mike D’Antoni-led Knicks to fill in at point guard. All of a sudden, he was putting up a historic stretch of basketball production in his first few starts, and Linsanity began sweeping across the globe.
11~12球季, 小林得到機會加入尼克斯在德老麾下擔任控衛, 幾場先發後歷史級別的演出突然間讓林瘋狂橫掃全球
The hype surrounding Lin has since died down. Following a 35-game run with New York, Rockets GM Daryl Morey, who once cut Lin, prepared an offer sheet the cap-strapped Knicks couldn’t match, bringing Lin back to Houston. Lin played two seasons of solid basketball for the Rockets before becoming a cap-cutting casualty as they moved him to the Lakers in order to sign Dwight Howard. A year later, Lin signed with the Charlotte Hornets on a two-year deal.
With a significant jump in the salary cap for teams, Lin is taking the intelligent road of not exercising his $2.2 million player option for next season. He’s making himself an unrestricted free agent after a great season under Steve Clifford in Charlotte. The goal is to cash in on the spike in available money and find a long-term spot in the NBA to further his career.
鑒於工資帽的暴漲, 小林選擇了不執行2.2M球員選項的明智決定, 在禮服伯麾下跟黃蜂度過一個成功球季後成為一個完全自由球員, 目標是尋得一個能長待的球隊來延伸他的NBA生涯並得到他應得金額的合約
Here’s everything you need to know about Lin’s free agency situation heading into this summer, as he’s one of the better point guard prospects to add to your franchise.
底下是你所需知道的今夏關於小林的自由球員狀況, 他是較好的控衛候選人之一
Why Jeremy Lin makes sense for your team
Some may look at the idea of signing Lin to a big contract as crazy because he’s not supposed to be your starting point guard of the future. Lin is nowhere close to a top 10 point guard, and ideally that’s the type of lead guard who deserves being paid big money. Lin earned a little over $8 million per year in the contract Morey gave him to pry him away from the Knicks. With the cap jumping by a third and a weak free agent class benefiting from that spike, Lin could see that old figure double pretty easily. At worst, he’ll probably see that figure go up 1.5 times.
有JR會把用大合約簽下小林認為是一個瘋狂的主意, 因為他不該是你們所支持球隊未來的先發控衛, 小林不會是前十名的頂尖控衛但他是那種帶領後衛線的理想人選並且值得付他大錢,
小林在被莫雷以平均年薪八百萬撬離開尼克斯, 但受益於工資帽即將大暴漲並且控衛的自由球員好貨不多, 小林相當容易能得到雙倍于八百萬的薪資(即16M)!!! 最差也在1.5倍以上(即12M) !!!!!!

Is it crazy to give Lin huge money in the $12 million range? That may just be the going rate. There is an excessive amount of money being thrown around this summer and Lin is a quality free agent that can add to your team. Perhaps you’re not grabbing him as your starting point guard, but paying him to be one of the three guards in your main rotation is a smart idea. It can become tricky if he starts making more money than the incumbent point guard, but that’s for management and future contract negotiations for that player to figure out.
給小林12M以上的 大錢是件瘋狂的行為嗎? 這可能只是一個現行的價碼(即只是符合行情,未考慮其他因素), 今夏將有多到爆炸的錢將被丟進自由球員市場, 並且小林是一個高品質能加入你們球隊陣容的自由球員, 也許你不是期待他成為你們的先發控衛, 但付錢讓他成為後衛線的主要輪換球員是一個聰明的主意, 也許他會比現在的先發控衛賺更多錢, 但那是你們家管理層跟那位球員的該去搞清楚該如何處理的事!!!

The beauty of adding Lin to your rotation is the versatility it provides. Lin was a fantastic role player for the Charlotte Hornets this past season and that was while seeing a dip in 3-point accuracy from the previous two seasons. Lin made just 33.6 percent from downtown, but shot 35.8 percent and 36.9 percent, respectively, in his two seasons in Houston. It’s probably safe to assume the 3-point shooting can improve in the next situation because of the success he had on the Rockets.
讓小林加入你們陣容最美的是他能提供的多功能性, 在過去一季對黃蜂來說小林是一個奇特的角色球員,他三分球的準確度雖然沒有前二季來的好, 但他的三分球未來能再度進步將會是一個安全的假設(這段不是很明白…)

Where he’s really adding value is in the lineup adaptability and the defensive impact he’s able to have.

The three lineups Lin played in the most for Charlotte saw the Hornets post a plus-8.8, plus-22.3, and plus-33.0 points per 100 possessions. Two of those lineups featured him playing in a dual point guard configuration with Kemba Walker on the floor. The other one had him running a big attack with Spencer Hawes, Frank Kaminsky, Marvin Williams and Jeremy Lamb beside him.

At 6-foot-3, Lin is a bigger point guard strong enough to handle some shooting guard matchups, which gives his team plenty of speed and quickness to create havoc for opposing offenses. Any stop can turn into a fast break. And having to defend them on the other end can be a real pain. The Hornets, a good defensive team in the first place, were about a full point per 100 possessions better with Lin and Walker on the floor together, despite giving up all that size. The Hornets played with this two-point guard lineup combination of Lin and Walker for about 30 percent of their season’s minutes.
小林是一個擁有6尺3身高的大型控衛, 這讓他能去掌控一些對位SG的回合, 這讓他的球隊擁有很多速度跟敏捷性的優勢去造成對方防守的浩劫, 任何的機會都能成為快速防守反擊, 並且在另一端要防守他們也成為真正痛苦的差事..這也讓原本是防守球隊的黃蜂在小林跟肯八同時在場上時有更好的每百回合成績, 這讓他們二人有30%的時間同時在場上.

Offensively, Lin was great creating for others in the pick-and-roll. In plays that included him either taking a shot, getting to the free-throw line, turning the ball over, or finding a teammate, Lin created 0.961 points per possession for the Hornets last season. That’s good for the 76th percentile in the league. In just situations in which he passed out to a teammate, that efficiency rose to 0.978 PPP (83rd percentile). That put him fifth among players with at least 315 possessions (Lin’s number) and slightly ahead of Chris Paul. That’s how good he was in the pick-and-roll.
描述小林進攻上的優勢, 這大家都知道了, 不翻

And that’s where his value comes into play the most. He can make others better on both ends of the floor, whether he’s playing with the starters or leading the second unit. So which teams should go after Lin this summer? Here are 10 teams that could benefit from signing Jeremy Lin:
小林場上的最大價值就是他能在攻防兩端讓其他隊友更好, 不管他是先發或是帶領第二陣容, 所以那些隊今夏應該去追求他? 以下是能從簽下小林獲得好處的十隊!!

Charlotte Hornets(黃蜂)

The Hornets should absolutely try to re-sign Lin, but they’re in a bit of a tough cap situation. They have a handful of important free agents to keep. Al Jefferson, Nicolas Batum, Marvin Williams (early Bird rights), Courtney Lee and Lin are all free agents. That could be tough to finagle getting everybody within the cap space because of Williams’ early Bird rights and Lin not having Bird rights at all. It probably means he’s on his way out, unless the Hornets decide to part with some of the available free agents they need to re-sign.
黃蜂必定想重新簽下小林,但工資空間非常困難, 除非他們放棄其中幾位自由球員..
The acquisition of Marco Belinelli on draft night probably makes Lee expendable, but the Hornets are still tight for flexibility.
得到貝裡內裡雖然表示他們放棄小李, 但還是很困難…

Brooklyn Nets (籃網)

The Nets have had two goals since Mikhail Prokhorov purchased the team: 1) Become a brand you can sell and 2) Become a brand you can sell that ticks off the Knicks. A pursuit of Lin not only accomplishes that criteria but it also adds some much-needed depth at the point guard position. Sean Marks is trying to rebuild a roster without many assets. He has Jarrett Jack as the incumbent point guard, Shane Larkin as a free agent and just drafted Caris LeVert as a combo guard, who Marks would like to see become the point guard of the future. That’s where Lin fits in perfectly.
籃網自俄羅斯土豪入主後有二個目標 (1)成為一個自豪的品牌(2)能讓球迷不買尼克斯球票的品牌(意思應該是打倒尼克斯吧), 追求小林可以不只達成上述目標, 還能讓控衛陣容得到最需要的深度, SEAN MARKS正嘗試在沒甚麼資產的況下重建陣容, 小林是MARKS未來控衛人選的完美契合.

Bringing him back to the New York area gives a nice pick-and-roll combination with Brook Lopez. It gives this team a PG who can play alongside both LeVert or Jack. The Nets have a lot of cap room, so they can afford to throw some of that toward lineup versatility that Marks would love to bring in from his days with the San Antonio Spurs. The Nets also don’t have a lot of available talent, so getting some0ne like Lin just increases the skill level on the roster, especially if Lin rediscovers his 3-point shot.
把小林帶到籃網能給LOPEZ提供一個擋拆的好組合, 能跟其他後衛完美契合, 籃網也有很多工資帽空間, 他們為了得到MARKS在馬刺時所有的多功能性陣容的也能負擔的起多花點錢, 籃網也沒有太多現有的即戰力, 所以得到像小林這種球員只會讓陣容的技巧檔次得到提升, 特別是如果小林能找回他的三分球火力 !!!

Houston Rockets(火箭)

So what about a return to the Rockets this summer? The last time Lin signed a big contract, it was with Houston. It went fine, but it got complicated with James Harden later being added to the roster. The combination of Harden and Lin on the court was tricky because both were accustomed to having the ball in their hands. So why would Lin go back to that situation? He’s more accustomed to finding balance off the ball now and the hiring of Mike D’Antoni would make things much better for Lin.
He thrived under D’Antoni in New York and he shot the best of his career during his time in Houston. If the Rockets lose Dwight Howard, they’ll have plenty of money to pursue a replacement and Lin. Could be a very nice option for D’Antoni as he splits time between Lin and Patrick Beverley at the PG position.
如果火箭失去了德懷特 – 霍華德,他們將有足夠的錢去追求林。可能是德安東尼一個非常不錯的選擇,因為他會錯開林和帕特里克·貝弗利之間的時間在PG位置,講白一點就是黑貝會回到替補PG。

Philadelphia 76ers (七六人)

Despite a great draft night, the Philadelphia 76ers still don’t have a real point guard. T.J. McConnell and Kendall Marshall aren’t starters for an NBA team getting serious about winning, and with Ben Simmons becoming the primary playmaker for the Sixers, you need a guy who can play on and off the ball. That makes Lin perfect for Brett Brown’s attack. He can run 100 pick-and-roll and pick-and-pop plays with the options on offense. He adds a veteran presence they’ve been desperate for since the tear-down of the roster.

Lin also adds some marketability to the Sixers they could use in this Bryan Colangelo-led restructure. All of that stuff matters and with Lin taking the bulk of the point guard minutes, the Sixers would be far more competitive than they’ve been in the past. It’s not the highest profile guy the Sixers can get, but he’s a great second option for them in free agency. Plus, they have a lot of money to spend.
費城76人隊還沒有一個真正的控球後衛。 T.J. McConnell和馬紹爾很難在NBA球隊中去嬴得先發,並與本·西蒙斯成為七六人的主要進攻組織者,你需要一個人, 而這個人可以組織進攻。這使得林可以完美的布雷特·布朗的進攻做結合。


Chicago Bulls (公牛)

All of a sudden, the Chicago Bulls have a big opening at the point guard position. They acquired Jose Calderon and Jerian Grant in the Derrick Rose trade, but they still need a full-time point guard who can move the ball in Fred Hoiberg’s system. Lin can be that guy, so Calderon’s red carpet defense isn’t utilized as much and Grant is able to be brought along slower. Assuming Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah are gone in free agency, there wouldn’t be many issues in finding room for Lin under the cap. But they also need to go find a big man first.
螺絲忽然被交易 所以公牛需要一個能在HOIBERG系統下讓球流動的控衛, 小林可以是這個人, 這樣可以不使用太多的卡德隆式的紅地毯防守(我猜是讓對手像走紅地毯般優雅的就通過…), GRANT也可以不被太快的揠苗助長, 但GASOL跟NOAL大概是走定了, 所以公牛沒有空間的問題, 但他們必須先找到一個內線…

Memphis Grizzlies (灰熊)

The only way this option makes any sense is if the Grizzlies want to remain competitive after losing Mike Conley. If Conley decides to play for another team, the Grizzlies will need help at the point guard position. Lin could be a nice stopgap for them at the 1 and then they can figure where to go in the future. With all of this cap space for teams over the next two summer, he wouldn’t be hard to deal in 2017 if they decide to tear everything down and rebuild.

New York Knicks(尼克)

Lin just stated that he wasn’t going to rule out a return to the New York Knicks. It’s a smart strategy entering free agency to make sure any and all teams are possible options to make sure you have enough bidders to drive up the price. He also mentioned the acquisition of Derrick Rose makes it less likely for a reunion. Trading for Rose does mean finding a way to bring Lin back makes sense. You can’t rely on Rose being healthy, and Jeff Hornacek has had some success in Phoenix playing with two point guards in the lineup. Still, the money commanded could be tough to spend on a return for Lin, especially when you may need to open up the checkbook for Rose next summer. Plus, you don’t want to add a distraction of creating a controversy at point guard from Day 1.

林剛說,他不會排除重返紐約尼克斯隊。這是進入自由球員市場,以確保任何和所有的球隊是可能的選擇,以確保你有足夠的投標人哄抬價格的一個明智的策略。他還提到德里克 – 羅斯的交易使得重回尼克是不太可能的。交易羅斯並不意味著找到一個辦法讓林回是有道理的。你不能依靠羅斯的身體健康,而傑夫·霍納塞克已在鳳凰城的陣容兩點後衛打了一定的成功。

Sacramento Kings(國王)

The Sacramento Kings may not be sold on re-signing Rajon Rondo, and Darren Collison’s legal troubles cloud his future with the team. The King have been desperate to make a splash in free agency since Vlade Divac took over the front office. This isn’t the sexiest splash the Kings can make, but he fills a void at the point guard position. Having him run pick-and-rolls with DeMarcus Cousins could be a great combination, and he’ll defend at a level Dave Joerger would demand from his point guard.

Orlando Magic (魔術)

The Orlando Magic already have a plethora of point guard options. Elfrid Payton has been the guy they’re grooming over the past two years. They have C.J. Watson as a cheap backup point guard. They also have Shabazz Napier on a rookie deal. But the Magic are now getting antsy to return to the playoffs and with Frank Vogel as the new coach, they could use a stable option at point. Adding Lin to the mix could make him either a nice backup to Payton or the guy that challenges Payton for the starting role to see if he can make the leap moving forward.

The Magic have a lot of cap room and probably don’t need Brandon Jennings anymore. Bringing in Lin creates a logjam, but one that is easily remedied with a deal to send Watson to a new team.
成為PAYTON的替補或是跟他競爭先發的人, 沖著PAYTON那髮型就不爽翻

Dallas Mavericks (小牛)

The Mavs have plenty of options at the point position. They have J.J. Barea and Devin Harris on the roster for depth. They can try to re-sign Deron Williams and Raymond Felton this summer, and both players saw jumps in production under Rick Carlisle. They’ll also be targeting Mike Conley as their main free agent acquisition. But if all of that falls through and they decide Lin is the guy for them, it’d be a great move. Carlisle isn’t just happy to use lineups with two point guards; we’ve also seen him go with three point guards in a lineup. Lin’s versatility on both ends of the floor would give Carlisle the adaptation he wants with a lineup. The Mavs don’t have great success with drawing the big-name free agent recently so maybe Lin is the right backup option for them.
如果追不到康利的備援計畫, 賭爛不翻….

Atlanta Hawks (老鷹)

After moving Shelvin Mack at the trade deadline and Jeff Teague the week of the NBA Draft, the Atlanta Hawks’ point guard duties now belong to Dennis Schroder. He’s shown flashes of brilliance and he’s shown stretches of shooting himself, and by proxy the team, in the foot. He’s willing to gamble, but could use a calming veteran presence to play alongside and have as a backup option. Lin could absolutely be that guy to help Atlanta transition to a more stable attack with Schroder as the lead point guard.

The Hawks struggled last season playing a dual-point guard lineup. They were a minus-8.5 points per 100 possessions with Teague and Schroder on the court together. The offense was bad (95.4) and the defense was mediocre at best (103.9). Part of that was neither point guard was used to playing off the ball. Also, Teague’s knee injury probably limited what he could do defensively. You wouldn’t have that problem with Lin as the other point guard.

Atlanta’s issue in making this happen if they’re interested is the money. Al Horford is going to re-sign for the max if he decides to stay there. Then they’ll want to re-sign Kent Bazemore, who has early Bird rights only. That leaves no money for pursuing Lin unless they can work a sign-and-trade or he’s willing to take a much lower salary. If they lose Horford, maybe it becomes a reality, but the team obviously takes a bit of a nosedive in the process.


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    是不明飛行物 要承認他是外太空高智能文明生物 他可長
    可短 可大可小 可攻可守 可快可慢 忽遠忽近…

    但這幾年的遭遇 他不能沒有想法 與檢討 有橫阻需跨越 有缺乏需補充
    有理想要落實 他心氣比天高 現實機遇比纸薄 都27 28了 還沒真正玩一把
    談速度 防守 拋投 衝撞籃下 擋拆….這些有的 黑人 別隊也都有 這是基本功
    小林真正的優勢是敏捷思慮 智商反應  他的判斷都早於對手幾步 空間的掌握
    對方死角漏洞 他洞燭機先 用最快行動 給予敵人傷害打擊  攻擊速度提高 1秒
     2秒  3秒 帶給全隊戰鬥力 所向披靡 他屬於現代化 立體加外太空玩家

    為了想看哈佛學歷可以演變到甚麼層次 他需要有適當空間環境實驗 為了
    這計畫 他需要背後有人大力支持 心無旁鶩 豪情奔放揮灑  為了這個可能性
    永遠不要把話说得太死 因此小林說  我始终保持开放態度

  9. 口水大大說得好, 小林目前已進化到"意到則身到", 別人則是等小林身到才動作, 小林早就到下一步了, 這是小林的絕活. 除了爸媽博士基因加持外, 再加上努力, 不服輸, 及不輸外國人的運動能力(除了彈跳力, 這是小林唯一不足, 但小林瞬間彈跳爆發可是很強的, 要不然外號不會被稱為"pg鍋王"). 我尤記得對快艇, 小林1打5, 還打進, 但不小心被好友傑森打到流血, 真是勇猛, 一瞬間就到籃下, 真是快呀.

  10. 這10大球隊中,沒有公鹿/鵜鶘/馬刺




    1. 喬大, 沒有錯, 反正不論是籃網還是76人, 只要給大長約, 最好4年8000萬以上, 有球權, 我們都會支持小林的.

    1. 丹尼虎大大, 我看到紫金書豪大大所翻譯的內容, 說真得一時間還反應不過來, 但看完後, 還翻的很好玩, 也把心中對有球隊還想把小林放到替補的不滿, 用Limin大大所整理出來的話一次罵完, 真是太有才.

  11. Dannyang大感謝貼文…


    尤其說到76人~…“He can run 100 pick-and-roll and pick-and-pop plays with the options on offense.” 整年看超級天空之城會不會太不真實!!(如果真的加入76人,快艇隊的美名就要被強化版的取代了!)




    PS. 還是比較期待Hunter大的深入剖析~~


    1. song Shen 大大, 其實之前校長和Ch大大已有對這些球隊做說明, 我們 Isay豪迷已有譜了. 只是這篇是出於之前對小林較不友善的CBS, 我想再怎麼差, 小林的薪資大漲是可預期的. 而且CBS這評論還說到, 就算超過1600萬, 也不要太驚訝, 看到這邊真是High到不行.

    1. 蘇兄, 我只有翻火箭, 尼克和76人, 其它是虎扑的紫金書豪大大翻的, 重點是薪資, 而且是之前對書豪較不友善的CBS說出來的, 今年書豪長約高薪是可以期待的.

  12. Dannyang兄您好:







    1. 因為原文有放, 所以才翻, 順便讓大家吐嘈一下尼克, 沒想到大家最想吐嘈火箭. 但是Andy大大, 還有沒有料可爆, 上次您爆籃網老板的料, 真是很震驚. 目前看來不論是籃網還是76人, 書豪都會有所發揮, 想著就快樂起來了.

  13. 魔術….. 好像老闆是AMWAY的老闆….而AMWAY的大陸+台灣的業績占比極極極極高……我猜已經約50%的營業額了….. 所以我覺得一定有人建議把林簽下來….. 行銷資源很大……

    1. Michigan Wang大大, 有沒有魔術相關新聞可以分享, 愈多球隊開價, 行情就會持續往上飊升的.

  14. 看到替補你妹,真的太霸氣。哈哈!書豪只有頂薪+先發+球權,才請得動喔!

    1. philo大大, 您說得一點都沒錯, 書豪只有頂薪+先發+球權, 還有大家打團隊籃球, 每個人防守都要到位, 而不是吹鬍子防守, 最好陣中無球霸, 書豪可以做個領袖, 藉由球隊領袖所肩負的壓力, 轉移到球場上開啟林來瘋2.0, 一路殺到季後賽, 甚至分區冠軍, 這樣屬於書豪的時代就來臨了.

  15. ……………我整個重點都跑到“替補你妹了………


    1. 獅大, 我只是轉貼紫金書豪大大在虎扑的文, 另外再翻3個球隊而已. 主要讓大家看, 連之前對書豪評論較不好的CBS都認為, 小林今天薪資至少1200萬起跳, 就立馬趕快轉貼給大家分享. 目前價格還會再飊升, 呵, 書豪時代即將來臨了.

  16. 感謝丹尼楊大大的分享~



    1. 紅豆班長, 這外媒之前對小林評論較不友善都開1200萬以上了, 依照目前態勢, 小林去的下一個球隊, 先發PG可能性是相當的高, 而且會有球權. 下半年林來瘋即將開啟, 讓大家瘋一整年.

  17. Dannyang大大好:

    昨天早上在版大的文章底下,無意間與你分享去年書豪被問到,有機會的話是否會重返湖人或者尼克隊,書豪的回答是「Never say never」永遠別說不可能,今天早上起床看了新聞怎麼好多標題都看到這個,嚇了一跳,原來是書豪昨天下午參加青年論壇又被問到同樣的問題。



    1. 浮雲子大大, 目前有太多可能的交易都會影響書豪. 而根據Andy大大的爆料, 籃網老板之前好像有來過台灣, 感受到人情溫暖. 反而現在不論是籃網還是76人, 目前看來書豪都有機會拿到高薪資和長約, 而書豪至少會有相當的球權, 想著都開始High起來了, 已經等不及看到, 林書豪封印解除後, 極限到底在那. 之前也有人分享, 只要書豪上場時間在35分含以上, 數據都會相當的高(可稱之為頂級PG的身手), 最重要的事, 球隊的勝率也很高, 所以我非常期待.

      1. Dannyang大大所言甚是,籃網老闆是俄羅斯富豪,不過感覺他不太懂籃球事務,球隊的經營管理就是看總經理以及總教練,至於76人隊目前的球員陣容不甚理想,必須經過調整才會有競爭力。



        1. 浮雲大, 我想這也跟書豪的個性有關. 因為書豪打團隊合作, 所以會先讓隊友先進入狀況, 除非履攻不進, 書豪才會進攻得分, 以免隊友因分數被拉開不安而亂手腳. 如果隊友發揮良好, 書豪就不會大量取分, 而專注組織攻擊. 可能就這特性, 如果書豪不打久一點, 等到書豪想要追分時, 因時間不足, 或第四節就被換下去了, 所以數據會比較差. 可是在打高張力比賽時, 這時書豪就會展現當仁不讓的能力, 因為隊友在這高張力比賽, 不論在防守還是攻擊都會承受到更大的壓力, 通常表現和命中率都不高, 這時書豪會一早就跳出來, 改變對自己有利的比賽節奏, 也可帶動隊友信心, 這就是書豪的價值, 也是書豪不同於柯瑞的性格.

  18. 感謝丹尼斯-楊大大的轉貼文~


  19. 奇摩也有翻譯文出來了



    2016年6月27日 上午10:15


    根 據這篇報導內容指出,林書豪的最大優勢在於他的多功能性,雖然林書豪今年賽季的外線命中率略微下滑,但是在控球及防守部分都對球隊做出更多貢獻,6呎3吋 的林書豪在對位大部分控球後衛時,都能佔有一定的體型優勢,而且他的速度還不輸給其他小個兒,相當有利於球隊快速轉守為攻。

    在半場進攻體系中,林書豪也是個非常擅長利用擋拆的控衛,根據數據顯示,林書豪在藉由擋拆為隊友製造得分的效率中,比全聯盟83%的球員還要好,甚至還不下保羅(Chris Paul),對那些以擋拆配合為主的球隊來說,林書豪絕對具有高度吸引力。







    籃網隊有足夠的薪資空間,也有個愛完擋拆的長人羅培茲(Brook Lopez),他們更需要一個稱職的前輩,為剛選進的潛力菜鳥控衛拉佛特(Caris LeVert)樹立好榜樣。



    迪安東尼(Mike D’Antoni)稱得上是林書豪的伯樂,他的走馬上任,絕對能讓林書豪對重返火箭躍躍欲試。



    在 西蒙斯(Ben Simmons)證明自己可以擔當重任前,七六人隊還是需要一個具有組織能力的控球後衛,馬歇爾(Kendall Marshall)和麥康納(T.J. McConnell)都不是那種足以幫助球隊贏球的控衛,而林書豪的球風也相當符合總教練布朗(Brett Brown)的體系,在這支百廢待舉的球隊中,林書豪將擁有更寬廣的發揮空間。


    送 走羅斯(Derrick Rose)所得到的卡德隆(Jose Calderon)和葛蘭特(Jerian Grant),都難以稱職扮演一個主力控衛的角色,林書豪的傳導能力會是總教練霍伊伯格(Fred Hoiberg)想要的,只是公牛隊恐怕得先搞定他們的禁區補強。


    康利(Mike Conley)在今年夏天的動向,將是決定灰熊隊未來的關鍵轉捩點,如果康利真的選擇離隊,林書豪會是不錯的短期替代人選,至少在這兩年內,林書豪應該都還有一定的市場價值,有利於灰熊進行其他重建佈局。


    如果朗多(Rajon Rondo)真的不和國王再續前緣,林書豪和考森斯(DeMarcus Cousins)這對擋拆組合可能也會挺有看頭,尤其林書豪的防守積極度會非常合國王教練團的胃口。



    魔術隊現有陣中其實已經有培頓(Elfrid Payton)、華森(C.J. Watson)、納皮爾(Shabazz Napier)等控衛,但是對重返季後賽志在必得的他們,絕對不會排斥讓陣容來點新火花,但前提是他們必須先找到願意接收華森的買家。


    隨著堤格(Jeff Teague)的離隊,史洛德(Dennis Schroder)將是老鷹隊新賽季的主力控衛,但有時候會衝過頭的他,需要一個沈著的資深控衛作為後盾,但如果老鷹隊真的想追逐林書豪,有限的薪資空間會是一大障礙。



    小 牛隊陣中已經有巴瑞亞(J.J. Barea)和哈里斯(Devin Harris)這兩個資深控衛,會不會和威廉斯(Deron Williams)、費爾頓(Raymond Felton)續約,可能得看他們是否能成功招募到康利,如果一切都落空的話,對於常常擺兩個、甚至三個控衛在場上的卡萊爾(Rick Carlisle)來說,林書豪會是不可多得的人選。

  20. 感謝Dannyang大大辛苦的翻譯與分享喔!!

    CBS是對小林比較不友善的媒體,但還是說小林的新合約, 很容易可以上看16M再不濟也有12M以上…



    1. 哦, 岳大, 如果用友善一點2000萬以上也不為過呀, 現在就看3支球隊如果搶書豪, 4年8000萬以上, 球權在手, 書豪的封印解除, 屆時又是進化版的林來瘋, 可以讓我們瘋一整年的.

  21. 感謝Dannyang大分享喲^^





    1. 經過大美女, 現在有3支球隊, 7月1日要去書豪家裏拜訪, 在第一天就登門拜訪, 表示有搶人的意味存在, 而且沒意外是先發長約, 目前看來應該會有4年8000萬以上的合約報價, 所以現在大家可以準備替書豪放鞭炮慶祝了.

  22. 能不能7月一日之前就有教練先偷跑,提前登門提親,啊不,是拜訪的?


    順帶一提,那個TBNM 實在妙啊!

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