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After a pretty abysmal year playing for the LA Lakers, Jeremy Lin has had a pretty nice bounce back season with the Charlotte Hornets. He has captured the media and basketball fans attention with his strong performances to send out a reminder to the league.


To be frankly honest Lin didn’t have the best of years with the Lakers due to various reasons which have been mentioned in previous posts. He was not put in to a position to succeed, a coach who was doing his job by tanking and not giving his team the best opportunity to win games. This was something out of Lin’s control and I can not put much blame on him for not having the best of years with the Lakers.


During free agency Lin signed with the Charlotte Hornets, it raised a few eye brows as this was very unexpected. The deal went under the radar, most of the focus was on other teams such as the Dallas Mavericks and the Memphis Grizzlies. Lin knew after signing he had to make a bigger impact with the Hornets than he did with the Lakers.


Lin’s value was at its all time low since Linsanity hence why he was only offered by the Hornets a 2-year contract worth around $4m with an option to opt out after year 1. This was obviously not Lin’s true value. If Lin played well this year which he has done his value would rise substantially since the salary cap is increasing considerably.

這份與黃蜂簽訂的2年約4百萬的合約(第二年球員選項) 是自從 Linsnity 之後的最低薪資,但這絕對不代表林的真正價值,如果他今年能拿出好表現,那麼他的身價將會有相當大的提升。 (因為工資帽也大幅上揚)

This season was a huge bounce back year for Lin and he offered a lot to the Charlotte Hornets. He was instrumental in getting them into the playoffs with a record of 48-34. In the regular season Lin averaged 11.7 points per game, 3 assists and 3.2 rebounds in 26.3 minutes. During the playoffs Lin averaged 12.4 points, 2.6 assists, 2.3 rebounds in 27 minutes. These statistics may not be out of this world; however, Lin played a big part in a successful season for the Hornets. There were many things he did well this year. Teams around the league will surely be keeping a close eye on him during free agency, that’s if Lin decides to opt out of his underpaid contract.

這一季林從谷底反彈,對黃蜂有相當大的貢獻,他平均上場26.3分鐘,以場均 11.7分、3助攻、3.2籃板,幫助黃蜂以48勝34敗闖進季後賽;又於季後賽繳出 12.4分、2.6助攻、2.3籃板的好成績,這些統計數字也許不能說是極好的,但是林在黃蜂這個成功的球季之中占了很大一部分,他今年在各方面都做得很好,所以聯盟中的各個球隊想當然都會持續關注林何時決定跳出這個明顯被低估的合約。


First and foremost, Lin’s defence has been heavily criticised throughout his career. I wouldn’t say Lin was a bad defender in the past, I would just consider him as an average defender who can hold his own.


This year Lin has taken leap forward with his defence. He has been spectacular; he has made it extremely tough for opposing players to do anything significant against him. One thing that stood out for me was that it’s not very often he gets beat of the dribble, this was one thing that I would notice before. Lin has guarded bigger players and he has caused them all sorts of trouble, this is a testament of his strength which is very underrated. With a much improved Lin on defence, he is a very valuable member to have for any team. Now he can do work on defence as well on offence.


Opportunity taken

Lin has seized on his opportunities this season when the opportunity presented itself. When the Hornets needed someone to fill in for either Kemba Walker or in Nic Batum’s absence, Lin has grabbed the opportunities with both hands.


Lin has not disappointed one bit at all when he has started. There are some memorable games where he started, such as the Toronto Raptors and the Cleveland Cavaliers game. Those are two of the best teams in the East and Lin thrived against them, having himself a game to remember. He was also magnificent against the Spurs where he led the Hornets to beat one of the supreme teams in the league. This showed he plays well against the big teams.

林在他先發的場次裡,沒有留下一點點的遺憾,有幾場讓人印象深刻的先發比賽,像是對暴龍以及騎士這兩支東區最好的球隊,林擊敗了他們!! 同時他還領著群蜂們打敗了全聯盟最偉大的球隊~馬刺!! 這都顯示出他在對上強隊時也能打得非常好。

These performances would have grabbed the attention of a lot of people around the league and it sure won’t go unnoticed. It’s a reminder that Lin can perform at a very high level when given the opportunity and put in the right situation.



Even though the Hornets lost in first round of the playoffs whilst leading 3-2 and with the chance to close it out at home, Lin was one of the few players whose stock rose during the series.


The 3 games the Hornets won Lin played a huge role whether it’s by scoring, attacking the hoop or facilitating for his team mates. These playoffs Lin received more attention than in the past few years, a lot of the big media corporations were raving on about him and he deserved all the attention he had. Without Lin the Hornets may have been swept, Lin stepped up whilst Batum was out for game 3 and 4. Lin was in attack mode during most of the series, attacking aggressively to the rim drawing contact on opposing players.


People had doubts as regards to whether Lin can produce in the playoffs but this series has proved he is more than capable of winning a good few games for his team. This was definitely his best playoff series yet.


Overall this has been a very successful season for Lin, it has arguably been one of his best season in the league. We have seen a resurgence of Jeremy Lin after a couple of quiet ones. He seemed far happier and stress free on the Hornets roster. He also mentioned this has been the most fun and enjoyable year since he arrived to the league.


Lin sent a message out to the league that he is a very good point guard who can penetrate to the rim and create shots for his team. No doubt Lin’s stock has risen and if he decides to opt out he won’t be short on offers. Even though Lin’s shot has been hit and miss this season he has still been able to find ways to score. It’ll be interesting to see what Lin decides to do in the off season, he has some big decisions to make.


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