Nice piece, Nathan. I’m still nomadding myself.

Martin Flusser

And Martin, it may continue again next year. Lin can opt out of his contract after this year, which was part of his plan: take a year in a system that fits his style and a coach who wants him to play his style. If he has great year, as we expect, he can get a new deal for his true value, not $2.4 mill. Either with Hornets or another NBA team.
— Nathan Gottlieb


讀者Martin 留言:






I wish this piece had been longer, I love to hear your story because I can so relate to it (at least in terms of the Lin part).

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t check your twitter feed (despite not being on twitter). It was the only thing that kept me sane during the BSLA year of living stupidly.

Can’t wait for this season, and for redemption and retribution to all the Lin nay-sayers. Keep up the great posts.
— Kurt Belliveau

Thanks, Kurt. During pre-season and season I will be tweeting a lot before and after games. Right now things are slow. A lot of people, fan sites, tweet about the games but of course with my background, I bring an extra dimension, tweeting both as a fan and an experienced NBA analyst.

Yeah, last year was a bummer. But we got through it. Lin got through it. And now he is with a coach who wanted him specifically for the things he does so well: pass, drive and be aggressive, move the ball in transition, do pick n roll etc. I think he is a lot better player than starting PG Kemba Walker, and predict by mid-season he will be starting either with Kemba, or Kemba will be traded. Lin has an opt-out clause in his contract after this season. So he can opt out and be free agent next summer and find a team that will start him at the kind of money he deserves, or stay with Hornets if Kemba traded. Exciting times ahead. Keep the faith, Kurt.
— Nathan Gottlieb










nice article, you have been one of JLIn big supporter. i’ve always enjoy your comments during and after the game. i started following JLin pretty much the same time you did.
— ronnie
Thanks, Nathan. You are speaking for my story on Lin’s part. It was always comforting to read your tweets during the frustrating last season.
— – Rocky

Ronnie, Rocky, most Lin followers who aren’t Asian Americans have similar Lin stories. For AAs, Lin was on their radar at Harvard. Same story, but they have the Asian identity thing we non-Asians don’t have. Just love his game, his humbleness. BTW, will be tweeting games even more now that starting times are East Coast, not LA time. I live in upstate NY.
— Nathan Gottlieb







Nathan, love your posts on Lin. I am an Asian American sports fan who started following him during his last year in Harvard. I especially get ticked off when Lin detractors tell me that the ONLY reason I follow Lin is because he’s an Asian-American NBA player or athlete. Although this is one of the reasons, IT is definitely not the ONLY reason because I never followed Yao or follow a great Asian tennis player like Kei Nishikori. Like you, I haven’t followed NBA for over 10 years after MJ era. I truly believe Lin can be the Conley level player in NBA if given a better support, although he may never reach the Curry level. Anyway, I will follow your blog during the upcoming season.

— webattorney

Webattorney, guys like us follow Lin because of several reasons. One is his story is unprecedented and so uplifting, it speaks to all of us who just want a chance in life. One part of his story that I’ve never seen is this: he went from the D League to end of Knicks bench, and only one year later he got a $25 million contract. One year. That’s never been done. But Lin is not about money, nor am I. He’s also an inspiring person in the way he lives off the court, and his humbleness should be blueprint for all pro players. I agree, he can be Connelly level, better than Dragic, or Kemba, or Pistons Jackson and more starters. No, he cannot be Curry, because he’ll never shoot as well as Steph, but who can? BUT Lin is a better, more creative passer than Curry. Lin’s passing ability is on the CP3 level, and probably better than Kyrie. As pick n roll PG, he is widely acknowledged to be among the top tier PGs in league.
Funny thing about me as Lin fan. When he exploded off bench in NY, I was shocked mostly because he can from Harvard. In my 19 years in NBA, I saw only a handful of players from Ivy school make it in league. It never even occurred to me to think his story was remarkable because he was an Asian American. I only realized that when writers started talking about that, about the almost zero history of Asians and AA to play in NBA. Long ago, when I covered the Knicks, i learned to be color blind. Just saw players. Today, way more than when I covered, players come from all countries.
I have probably 80 pct AA and some Asians among my followers. Many have felt he was not drafted because he was AA. I don’t think that was reason. If a GM felt a chipmunk could be great player, they’d draft him. I think it was the Ivy thing, not playing against national powerhouses (except UConn, pumped 31 against Kemba’s team). So many PGs to choose from in draft, they lean toward ones who came from major programs. That, and the fact that Lin was slight of build, not very muscular. And then, from my experience I’ve learned only a handful of GMs have any brains. Classic example: Portland GM, because he needed a big center to counter Kareem, chose need over player and bypassed Michael Jordan for Sam Bowie, who was hurt most of his career.
Give me a follow on Twitter, and do leave your own comments on my account. Thanks again.

— Nathan Gottlieb



Nathan, 我喜歡你關於林的帖子,我是亞裔的美國運動米,並且自從他在哈佛就已經注意他了。當林的詆毀者告訴我,我關注林的唯一原因就是因為他是個亞裔美國NBA球員/運動員的時候,我非常生氣。儘管這是一個原因,但是並不是唯一原因,因為我並沒有關注姚明或是著名的網球運動員。






Hi Nathan, i used to love the knicks when starks, ewing, oak were there! Heartbreak i know well as i was also a diehard cleveland browns fan during brian sipe and bernie kosar days… i am also a fellow jlin junkie! Stopped following knicks and nba for years until this kid came along… cool guy and good person imho… will continue that journey with you and fellow jlin fans… keep up the great work!

— kauaiblue

Thank you for all your comments. It’s good to connect with fellow Lin fans. Hope he gets the chance in Charlotte to show NBA what he can really do when used right, as coach Clifford has promised him.
— Nathan Gottlieb



Nathan你好,當斯塔克斯,尤因,奧克利在的時候,我很喜歡尼克斯的!而且在Brian Sipe和Bernie Kosar時期,我還是死忠克利夫蘭Browns(美式足球)的球迷,我知道這個多讓人傷心。同樣我對林書豪(的故事)著迷!在這個孩子的故事出來之前,已經不關注尼克斯和NBA好多年了。




Great writing!

— Alex

Great article! I go back to the Knicks with Richie Guerin and Carl Braun. 69 was the best. Seeing a true team play together was the epitome of basketball. The Ewing years were exciting but most of Knick basketball was pretty uninspiring. Then with no one left on the roster, they put in an Asian kid from Harvard?? What a great three weeks!! After Melo, it was wonderful watching this kid Lin score AND make his teammates better. And the Knicks won. When he wasn’t signed by the Knicks, I said enough. 50 years is enough. I bought the NBA package and became a Lin fan. Houston had its moments. I went to Philly and saw him hit over 30. LA, well if I never see BS or Kobe again, I will be happy. Only high hopes for his next stop on his journey (and mine too)

— Marvin M

Good stuff, Alex. When Lin became restricted FA after year with Knicks, they didnt make him an offer, told him to go out and get one and then they’d match. In other words, you over value yourself, get a realistic bid. Well Rockets GM added that poison pill 3d yr worth $14.5, Dolan threw a fit and let him walk FOR NOTHING. As for going way back, I was a senior at Rutgers when we played in the NIT against a team i’d never heard of Southern Illinois Salukis. Everybody kidded: “What’s a Saluki?” Then we found out in the form of Walt Frazier, who lit up the Garden like fireworks.
— Nathan Gottlieb


讀者Alex、Marvin M留言:




休斯頓有自己的(標誌)時刻。我去費城看他得分過三十。然後洛杉磯,如果我沒有看到斯科特和科比,我可能會很開心。只是希望他的旅程中(也是我的)下一站結果不錯。——Marvin M




Just found your blog, will follow. My run-on-sentence ramble: Also a nonAsian/AA Linaholic nomad who assesses his skill and potential similar to you, also loves the Christian angle (I’m a Christian lawyer and now US Army chaplain) along witht he underdog story and the continuing-to-have-faith-angle not only of Lin but of his fans (many who think they’re smart analysts of course say Lin doesn’t have the goods to be an NBA starter), never had a favorite NBA team (was an FSU fan for many years) and loved Charlie Ward as a PG for the Knicks (thought he was underrated)…

I enjoy picking winners intuitively and think history will prove us right on Lin (e.g., I saw radiohead at a very small venue in Lawrence KS early on and told Thom Yorke they’d approach Beatles-like status and even they didn’t believe it and they could have if not gone SO artsy, and the day I watched Dan Marino throw in his first start ever told all my Bears fans to laughter with that release I sensed he’d be the greatest passer ever).

I know Gottlieb as a surname is not necessarily Jewish but may commonly be so… how does the Christian angle seem to you whether you are or not? If not religious do you like the “morality” he has that is backed up by character as seen in his treatment over past years, or does it annoy you if Jewish or nonreligious… or are you sheepish about addressing and think it should be irrelevant. Its pretty important to Jeremy’s self identity and understanding of his own narrative as seen from his recent testimony given this week in Beijing.
Thanks, Steve
— Steve Prost







Damn. Lin nomad here as well.
— Chris p

Hey Nathan. I’m a Knicks fan too. I’m from the Philippines and my aunts and uncles are in NY. So I have Knicks and Mets gears and apparels hand me downs from them. I haven’t rooted for any players other than Michael Jordan, Allan Houston and yes Jeremy Lin. When Lin was traded December, I followed him and ever since. I’m not active in twitter and been lurking in JLin sites and I always see your posts. Looking forward to the season and I’m excited that you’ll be twitting a lot during the pre-season and season games. More power.

— ezekiel jon

I’ve been a Laker fan myself then became a Nomad since I saw this Harvard phenom started to lit teams after teams in NY when from nowhere this guy lit up my team for 38 points and Kobe didn’t even knew him at first or just sarcastically pretending not to know him but since then I got hooked and never been put in rehab yet as a JLIN addict.Nice piece by the way as a Lin fan.Goodluck with us in Charlotte since this is going to be our new hive.
— cdblue10

Great post. Love Lin caude he plays to make his team better.
— Mark



靠,有一個林密——Chris P

Hi Nathan, 我也是一名尼克斯球迷。我來自菲律賓,我的叔叔和嬸嬸在紐約。他們給了我尼克斯和大都會的裝備和球衣。除了喬丹,艾倫休斯頓和林書豪之外,我沒有喜歡其他人。當林在12月被交易的時候,開始關注他。

我在推特上並不活躍,在林的網站上也經常潛水,我總是看你的帖子。期待新賽季的到來,很高興你會在季前賽和賽季中發出更多的推文。給你更多的力量吧。— ezekiel jon

以前是湖蜜,現在已經開始流浪了,因為我看到這個哈佛人才在球隊退無可退的時候幫助球隊,而且這個傢伙用38分贏了我的球隊,而科比開始不知道他,而且嘲諷地說不知道他。那個時候我被吸引了,並且到現在為止還沒有戒掉林癮。作為林密,這種方式不錯,夏洛特會會和我們一起交好運,因為這是我們的新巢。— cdblue10

偉大的文章,喜愛林扮演著能夠讓球隊更好的角色。— Mark

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