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[–] WestJM15
Or take the other viral Lakers Vine this season, from a game against the Grizzlies, down one with 24 seconds left. A clapping Bryant, standing near his man on the baseline, screams at Lin, who’s guarding a dribbling Conley at the top of the arc, to intentionally foul. When Lin doesn’t do it, Bryant sprints across the court, fouls Conley himself and throws a left hook into the emasculated air, basketball’s Last Alpha Male flushing Charmin down the drain.

In reality, Lin couldn’t hear Bryant because he had also been telling Scott, on the sideline, “We have to foul!” And Scott kept telling him no.

Where’s the snafu thread from yesterday? I wanna submit this.

Edit: ESPNLA Mason and Ireland talked about this article, but they are focusing on the race part. Ben Lyons says he would take Alexey Shved over Lin. Mason brought up this Memphis game and described how he felt sorry for Lin being yelled at by Kobe , but then didn’t bring up the last part about Scott’s brain fart at all and basically still made ​​it Lin’s fault. Now it’s two sports radio white guys talking about Asian racism. They were asking for callers to say if it’s easy to make fun of Asians.


修正:ESPNLA電台的“馬森和愛熱蘭”節目談論了這篇文章,但主要是聚焦在種族那部分。萊森斯認為他會以Alexey shved(尼克後衛)取代林。馬森提到灰熊那場比賽,形容說他見科比這麼呵責林,很為林感到難過,但他沒提到最後部分,斯科特短暫失憶,還是把這些責任歸咎於林。現在有兩個電台節目的白人在談論亞裔的種族主義問題。他們讓聽眾打電話進來談是不是取笑亞裔很簡單。

[–]Lakers oneday4ever
a good way to hurt people is by sending mixed signals. that’s all that’s being done here.

what’s sad is that the lakers is a team where the players are more worried about what their teammates and staff will do them than they are of their actual opponents.


[–]Lakers cjeremy
dude I remember that shit. Scott is fucking shit. ugh

[–]Lakers azncuteo
Tank mode.

[–]Warriors bobsil1
Posing for photos with fans who turn out to be haters 勇士密:跟球迷合照,結果是黑子 frowning

[–] Trail Blazersflux8
I think stories like this illustrate that comments on Jeremy Lin say more about the commentators than they do about Jeremy.

[–] ChopSueyWarrior
Man I will be so happy if I could just pose for a photo with a popular NBA baller, hell I will be content if he was a Steve Novak!

[–]Rockets rememberthatgame
I hope you’re absolutely pissed off at the way the season’s going, Bryant wrote.

I shit my pants if Bryant texted me that

Also, its cool that D’Antoni is still in contacts with Lin. I have a feeling if he gets a coaching job he’s going to try to get Lin there too.



[–] ChopSueyWarrior
Its kinda of surprising that D’Antoni is chilling at home where as inept coaches like Byron Scott & Monty Williams are still employed.
I know D’Antoni’s team don’t play much D but surely they are entertaining as fuk to watch?

[–]Knicks blee3k
Knicks D was actually good with MDA (with Woodson as assistant). Surely there is a team who could use an offensive spark that already has a decent defensive assistant somewhere.

[–]Lakers PeterOliver
D’Antoni has a nasty habit of alienating players that don’t conform to his style… and he’s VERY difficult to get along with if you care about defense. When Antwan Jamison of all people is incredulous at your lack of defensive preparation as a coach in the playoffs, you know your coach has a problem.

[–]Lakers ProustianButter
It’s funny you say that, because you could say the same for Scott. Scott has a nasty habit of alienating people that don’t conform to his style. When Carlos Boozer of all people calls out your lack of defensive drills in practice for a “defensive coach,” and compares you to real defensive coaches like Tom Thibodeu, you know your coach has a major problem.

I still think Mike is a much better coach and at least the Lakers were fun to watch under him.


[–] ChopSueyWarrior
But when he get his offense clicking he is a fuking offensive genius, I suppose I do miss his 7SOL offense during his Suns tenure.

Lakers I believe is just a bad fit, but when you take players of Kendall’s calibre to average nearly a double double you know he is good.


[–]Warriors n3cr0ph4g1st
He should be an oc somewhere in the mean time a la Alvin gentry
勇密:他可以在某個地方作為特定時期的OC,類似Alvin gentry金特裡教練

[–]Suns phoenixcolt”alienating”
players who don’t listen to the coach? imagine that.

[–]Warriors masterful7086
The 2000s Suns teams were average on D. People don’t adjust for pace because they’re stupid, and the “D’Antoni’s teams don’t play D” myth is perpetuated.
勇密:2000年時期的太陽隊防守有平均水平。那些不會調整自己速度的就只是太笨了,於是“ 德安東尼的球隊不會防守 ”的神話故事就根深蒂固了。

[–]Lakers justsomeguy5
I think D’Antoni gets blamed way too much for teams not playing defense. You can run scheme after scheme after scheme on defense, but guys have to go out there and actually put forth the effort to stop someone. It’s the same thing with Boozer earlier in the season, complaining about the awful defense the Lakers play blaming it on Byron when he’s the worst defender on the Lakers by far. He’s not wrong about Byron’s defensive schemes, but at the same time how are you gonna bitch when you don’t even try and just push people every game? He gets called for that foul once, or twice per game. The 2013-14 Lakers never tried on defense, and got torched repeatedly. You can blame D’Antoni all you want, but notice how bad the Lakers are defensively now with a supposedly defensive minded coach in Byron Scott? You’ve gotta try on defense, or get embarrassed night after night. D’Antoni, or any other coach for that matter, can ‘t make anyone go out there and actually try on defense. It’s up to them.

[–]Lakers justgivingsomeadvice
The Lakers aren’t that bad on defense recently though. Yeah their D Rtg still sucks and they’re still a shitty team. But remember when they were a historically bad defensive team (worst NBA D Rtg of all time at like 116?). It’s down to like 109. Obviously a 109 is still horrible, but about 35 games in they had a D Rtg of like 112 or something, and since they’ve played 35 games since, they’ve been closer to a 106 which isn’t bad.

Part of that is increased time for Black and Davis, as well as Kobe being out (who according to the advanced stats was one of the worst defenders in the league). But still the Lakers’ D is alright now. Their offense on the other hand… well let’s just say they’re lacking in offensive weapons.
最近的湖人在防守上也沒那麼糟了。對他們的防守Rtg還是很爛,他們還是很爛的球隊。但記得當他嗎?作為有史以來最差防守球隊的時候(NBA史上最糟的防守Rtg,高達116好像?)現在是降到了109吧。確實109還是很嚇人,但以他們有35場比賽的D Rtg有到達112,從那時算起的35場,他們現在接近106,就不算差。


[–]Lakers claydavisismyhero
He is a really bad people person, he’s burned so many bridges with guys. Like if Pau hates you have to suck. Guards loved him, the bigs couldn’t wait for him to leave.
湖密:他確實不是容易溝通的人,他 ​​把這麼多的橋樑都毀了。連家嫂這樣的人都討厭你的話就糟透了。後衛們愛他,但大個子等不及他離開。

[–] ChopSueyWarrior
Amare loves him though but either way I may sound like a D’Antoni fanboy but I reckon he still do have a place in the NBA as a head coach.

[–]Lakers claydavisismyhero
I do too. There’s just baggage he carries. And teams have proven you don’t need him to run his principles. Spurs Hawks motion is a better evolution than just constant pick and roll. Teams can just ice them.

[–][NOP] Carldrell Johnson8512332158
Monty Williams isn’t an inept coach my boy
鵜鶘密:Monty Williams可不是無能的教練啊孩子。

[–]Wizards illdreams
Lmao yea in a ‘he could use some company’ sort of way

[–]Wizards mironoh
I might know a team with a good defense and a bad offense… Cough wizards



[–]Lakers dwatten3
“But sometimes smart people who get in this system can be the dumbest people in the world.” Scott is brutal

[–]Knicker Bockersculturebarren
Maybe he was talking about himself, probably the worst coach in the league rn

[–]Lakers justsomeguy5
No probably about it.

[–]Thunder urgentmatters
I understand that Lin probably won’t be playing for your team next year, but can you at least give your players some respect?

Byron Scott is such a clown.


[–]Lakers justsomeguy5
I think you’re being really, really, REALLY kind only calling Byron a clown.

[–]Thunder urgentmatters
I feel like there are plenty of Scott defenders out there, but living in So-Cal and looking at the string of coaches since Phil Jackson left, it doesn’t seem like he is an upgrade.

[–]Pistons **chlehqls **
Clown really doesn’t begin to cover it.
No way Lin deserves this.

[–]Lakers cjeremy
Scott is total shit.

[–]Spurs lknfuy
One more reason on my book to hate this joke of a coach.
我的本子裡又 ​​多了一個討厭這種教練段子的理由。

[–]NBA urfaselol
that’s “Tank Commander” Scott to you

[–] gotnba
I wonder what Byron Scott thinks about Kobe then

[–] thenoob117
Byron Scott makes me furious

[–]Raptors chromeskylight
Seeing so much racism towards him on social media makes me sad and feel bad for him.

[–]Magic KimJungIlyasova
I feel like people think it’s okay to be racist towards Asian people, because we have no people like Stephen A. Smith, Jessie Jackson, or Rev. Al Sharpton freaking out when our people get insulted.

[–]Knicks ben_chowd
On the plus side, don’t have people like Stephen A , Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton on your side
It’s not okay to be racist towards anybody.

[–] iherdulikepsydukz
No shit?

[–] ScreeReaver
We do, Angry Asian Man is one blogger/personality that comes to mind. But media doesn’t really care to publicize his rants.

I think the op meant someone on the exposure scale of SAS or Al Sharpton. AAA doesn’t get a lot of attention outside the AAPI blogger community. Ironically he doesn’t say nearly as much inflammatory shit as those guys

[–] builderb
*Ironically he doesn’t say nearly as much inflammatory shit as those guys

Because he’s a logical and reasonable human being.


[–]Cavaliers quentin-coldwater
*Angry Asian Man

I have never heard of him.


[–]Lakers justgivingsomeadvice
Well Lin got into it a bit, but it has to do with the whole model minority stuff. Because Asian-Americans tend to do well in school due to various cultural and socioeconomic reasons in general, they enjoy reasonable success and racism against Asians isn’t seen as harmful.

I’m not defending that mindset at all. A lot of it has to do with socioeconomics, for example, and poor Asian-Americans tend to be less successful in school (which has obvious correlations to success in the workface, etc.) But honestly, as an Indian-American, I understand why the racism I face (curry jokes, red dot jokes, not being concerned manly) is different than the ones that “unprivileged minorities” like certain African-Americans and Latinos face.


[–] doodeecheng5
Jeremy Lin’s right that he feels almost completely alone in his world. There are not many people who can truly relate to him — and the discrimination he faces, except for the people who live alongside him and see it first hand.

For one, Asian American values​​ often mean things like never self-promote, be low-key, always look internally before blaming others, etc. These things are so foreign to NBA players and come to forefront when people like Byron Scott simply can’t understand Jeremy Lin and criticize him for “thinking” too much. While that is a valid criticism, Byron Scott simply doesn’t understand how and why Jeremy Lin ‘thinks’ and thus can’t give any advice that Jeremy Lin can really embody.

I feel as if I can relate to Lin somewhat as an Asian American who played Varsity Basketball in high school. The biggest thing is it’s so hard to talk about discrimination, because evidence of discrimination is often perception and not quantifiable nor provable. AKA anytime you feel as if you perceive racism and speak up, people will say you’re just ‘playing the race card.’ Of course, there’s obvious things — like when opposing fans would yell “Jeremy Lin” whenever I shot a basket — to less obvious things, like when I first got the ball, the opposing coach yelled at the guy guarding me to ‘guard me tight.’

Thankfully, I had a coach who worked hard not to let racism affect his decisions. But after high school, I would play pickup games more often, and things were often much worse here without a sense of structure. I would be the guy who was picked to join the winning team (and the ‘better player’ would join the losing team). I would be the guy chosen to guard the worst guy on the other team. If I made my first shot, I would be declared a ‘shooter ‘ and if I missed my first shot, I wouldn’t get the ball again. If I ended up scoring a lot of points, I often would hear people say things like, “watch out, he can actually play.”

I think I understand what D’Antoni says in the article about coaching Lin so he doesn’t always have to look over his shoulder. I always feel like my margin for error is especially thin — because if I mess up, it validates others ‘ preconceived notions of me. If I do a between-the-legs dribble, and I mess up, people say I’m trying to do too much and don’t want me to dribble. If I miss my first shot, people say I should swing it more. And focusing on not messing up only makes it worse. You always hear Jeremy Lin say he’s just “trying to be aggressive” — I think that could be his way of countering this mindset. But for sure, it’s incredibly reassuring to play when your teammates and others believe in you from the start.





[–]Rockets recursion8
I think I understand what D’Antoni says in the article about coaching Lin so he doesn’t always have to look over his shoulder. I always feel like my margin for error is especially thin — because if I mess up, it validates others’ preconceived notions of me.

Hit the nail on the head. After D’antoni all of his coaches have given him an incredibly short leash, and are quick to criticize and try to shoehorn him into their mental picture. Oh he turns it over too much (no more, probably less, than Kobe or Harden do when they’re dominating the ball). Oh he can’t defend (meanwhile Bev plays every PG we play the same exact way on screens, regardless if their Steph Curry or Rajon Rondo). Oh he can ‘t go left, oh he can’t shoot, etc etc. Never seen another player play well for stretches, games, weeks, and then get pulled without a second thought at the slightest error.


[–]Warriors asundar
I would be the guy who was picked to join the winning team (and the ‘better player’ would join the losing team). I would be the guy chosen to guard the worst guy on the other team. If I made my first shot, I would be declared a ‘shooter’ and if I missed my first shot, I wouldn’t get the ball again. If I ended up scoring a lot of points, I often would hear people say things like, ” watch out, he can actually play.”

As an Indian person, dude I completely understand. They’re such assholes. It really does drive me to play with a chip on my shoulder, and much of the time they respect me after.


[–] tomphz
I think it’s just human nature to have preconceived notions about anyone. When you step on the court, you make an assumption of who’s a good player and who’s a bad player based on appearance and whatnot, but all of that goes out the window once the game starts and you see people play.

I’m also Taiwanese American and I’ve played basketball my entire life. I’m fortunate to be a natural shooter, and by natural, I mean I can come off screens and shoot the ball in my sleep. During pick up games with strangers, even when I miss, my team feeds me the ball or sets screens for me like I’m Rip Hamilton.

Growing up though, yeah everyone underestimated me since I was the scrawny asian kid. I remember in 6th grade, the coach had us in layup lines, and he told us to, “lay it off the glass softly like an egg”. Everyone else missed their layup, except me, and the coach was SHOCKED AS HELL when I kept making my layups.

Then came shooting drills (my specialty) and the coach was even more shocked at how soft my shot was.

Point is, it’s just human nature to stereotype people. Right now there’s black kids in Harvard or Stanford who are probably facing their own discrimination. Jeremy’s situation is just under a huge microscope.





[–] doodeecheng5
I totally agree. If you were presented with two identical human beings (same height, weight, etc.), one Asian and one black, and without any other information, you had to choose one to join your basketball team, who would you choose? The answer is obvious.

Although I’m hurt when others assume I’m worse than my non-Asian counterparts, I consciously force myself to not take any offense to it, because there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s nothing more than drawing relationships, which has evolutionary benefits and is useful in just about every other instance.

And true, black kids at Ivy League schools probably face similar discrimination. But I believe it would be to a much less extent — educated people tend to be more conscious of these matters. Plus there are lots of support groups for underrepresented minorities at such colleges as well as the whole affirmative action matter.

My problem is when people either don’t give me a chance to prove them wrong or look down upon me immediately. That’s infuriating.




[–] Trail Blazersseoulsgotsoul
As an Asian American myself, I always choked mentally while playing sports because of what you said here:

Asian American values​​ often mean things like never self-promote, be low-key, always look internally before blaming others, etc.

I was never the type to trash talk or be brash. And I always obsessed over my mistakes and blamed myself (saw it as “taking responsibility over my actions”). Obviously it’s a fine line. You have to be able to have confidence without being overly cocky. And you should be introspective to improve your game, but not dwell on your mistakes.

Did you ever deal with these kind of issues yourself when you played basketball? Especially at a varsity level?




[–]Warriors thissistheN
please send this comment to the top people

[–] batia0121
Man, hit too close to home.

Im always assigned to the worst player and I friggin love it!

But also, I end up hatin’ my own team way more than the opposing too often.

It always end up like the other team respect me cuz I can make plays, but not my own cuz I need to stick with the ball and they cant seem to understand that.





[–]Kings rambosis
How the ■■■■ is Byron Scott still a coach? He’s rubbed players the wrong way every where he’s been. His winning percentage is horrific. His in-game adjustments are abysmal. I get that the Lakers are trying to tank but ■■■■ at least try to get someone in there that can work with the young guys to build their confidence.

[–]Spurs tng29
Kidd hated his ass. He even said his son could coach the nets better than BS with a box of crayons, or something to that extent.

[–]Warriors masterful7086
Kidd was a better coach by the second half of his first year coaching than Byron Scott ever was.
勇密:基德在他執教的第一個賽季的下半個賽季比敗總:hankey:的前半生執教的都好undefined>>>>[–]Raptors Nogiback
He’s been great for Milwaukee

[–]Warriors masterful7086
He was great for the Nets! But for some ungodly reason they chose Billy King over him.

[–]Celtics lexsoor
not so stealthy tanking I’d say

[–]Warriors stml
I live in the Bay Area where the Taiwanese population is pretty significant, but I haven’t seen it to really be a dawn on confidence really. And I have to agree that I think it’s more of Lin being super Christian and always attributing his accomplishments to the help of God. He needs to realize that it’s himself who is making those shots and putting in the work.
勇密:我生活在灣區,那是一個台裔佔人口重要一筆的大區;但是我仍然沒有在這裡看到對 ​​個人自信塑就的曙光。我必須說林太把他的成就歸結於上帝的安排太依靠上帝了,他需要認識到是他自己把球投進去,自己的努力達成的。

[–] ScreeReaver
This…one thing that concerned me was during the Linsanity documentary he cites “out of body experiences” that pushed him to make some incredible plays. Something along the lines of “I don’t know how I did it …”

He needs to recognize his own ability as you said and be able to tap into it at will. I think he’s getting better at it, but on the court you gota be totally unconscious and just in go-mode.


[–] Trail Blazersseoulsgotsoul
I really don’t think this is it at all… At least the religious angle.

Asian American here who identifies with Lin on so many levels and is not a Christian. It is completely cultural upbringing. Asian culture frowns upon cocky attitudes. When Lin was doing well in NY, he always credited his teammates and always deferred to them when receiving individual attention.

Additionally, Many Asians are soft spoken and introspective, sometimes obsessive about their own thoughts to their detriment. Lin probably thinks more about getting benched by Scott than any of us and blames himself first before blaming Byron Scott.

It’s also extremely hard to be able to play with confidence and “just play basketball” but still think consciously of what to do for the next play, especially as a point guard.




[–] RealGMod
Lin actually has talked about how he was very cocky in high school, even kicked out of practices. It was after he broke his ankle his junior year and couldn’t play with his team in the playoffs that he got humbled. He has mentioned that his Christian faith is what he looked back upon. If you look at when he struggles now, he refers to Bible verses.

Lin’s parents also have differences than other Asian parents. They actually heavily supported him in playing basketball. His mom actually helped create a program for kids in Palo Alto, CA because there wasn’t one previously, even while facing criticism from other parents.


[–]Jazz Monkeyfeng
Suicide rate in young Asian male is very high. It comes from parental, family pressure. I’m not saying his Christian fate isn’t a factor but it certainly doesn’t help.

[–] bigmac3d
Speaking of which, the Bay Area commute train system, Caltrain, has had 9 deaths this year so far, at least 3 of them are suicides by Asian high school kids in Palo Alto (where Lin is from).

Caltrain averages 1 death a month before this year, they are mostly suicides.
說到這,加州鐵路,灣區捷運系統,今年到目前為止就有9起死亡事件(才3月,好可怕cold_sweat)至少有3起是來自Palo Alto林所在地區高中的亞裔小孩自殺(太沉痛了,真心的sob


[–]Warriors bobsil1
Death by Gunn

[–]NBA smallcat29
Yeah, Palo Alto/the Sillicon Valley is a notorious pressure cooker for high schools. This is a pretty good recent piece by a student at Palo Alto HS that talks about it in more depth:http://www. paloaltoonline.com/news/2015/03/25/guest-opinion-the-sorrows-of-young-palo-altans
是的,Palo Alto/矽谷地區是高中學校中學習生活的壓力是聲名遠播的,這裡有來自此地區的某個學生的對這點的深度言論,相當不錯。下面是網址:http://www.paloaltoonline.com/news/。。。。。

[–]76ers kwijibo52
Yup, there were 10 in all of 2014 so this spike now is pretty crazy. I tried to find numbers for Philadelphia’s SEPTA Regional Rail and I think I remember it being 18 deaths in 2010, over a much larger area, with many more rail lines. It’s been shocking this year how many deaths there have been via Caltrain.

[–]Spurs Lorenzomax7
spot on…my family pressure was killing me when I was younger

[–]76ers aumenous
And I have to agree that I think it’s more of Lin being super Christian and always attributing his accomplishments to the help of God. He needs to realize that it’s himself who is making those shots and putting in the work.

Trust in your self and trust in God is not necessarily a zero-sum game.

[–]Warriors sampala
Well you also live in the bay area in the asian bubble
勇士密:好吧你是生活在灣區,生活在亞洲泡泡(珍珠奶茶叫bubble tea)裡。

[–]Warrior sstml
Jeremy Lin grew up in the Asian bubble too.

[–]Warriors Spandax
Keep in mind that the Asian American community in the Bay Area is probably GREATLY higher then most other parts of the country. I have never lived outside the Bay but it mind boggles me how racist some other Americans are.

[–]Bulls BowSkyy
I think Jeremy Lin’s problems are the epitome of this subreddit — so many defenders/detractors vs so many haters. Wish he could just play basketball.

[–]Pistons Khuroh
Yep. He’s not as good as the Linsanity fanboys make him out to be, but he’s not nearly as bad as the anti-Linsanity backlash crowd make him out to be, either. If we took race out of it and based it purely on ability, he should have been able to carve out a solid sixth man role somewhere by now, if not a starter. At the very least, I think he could have had comparable production to Stuckey on the Pacers, who Pacers fans seem to love as a 6MOY candidate.

[–]Spurs Lorenzomax7
He is at least as good as Reggie Jackson – True or not?

[–]Pelicans IHaveNoFiya
As far as overall basketball abilities I’d say they are about the same but what gives Jeremy the edge is his selflessness. He just wants to win games and has no problem deferring to his teammates.

I still believe that the Knicks with a healthy Lin, Amare, and Chandler were better off without Melo. I’m somewhat biased in that statement because I’m not a big Melo fan but I do mean it when I say that.


[–]Spurs Lorenzomax7
I kinda agree with you. Thank you for your reply.

Edit: Thank y’all! I really need these answers just like I am doing a survey.


[–]Pelicans IHaveNoFiya
Of course! If it’s a bout Melo like I said I’m biased. Never been a huge fan of him or his playstyle. I’m a big Bulls fan and so happy he ended up not going there.

[–]OKC Hornetsohmytosh
I’ve always been a big Melo fan, but I completely agree with you. There are times when you don’t have enough touches to go around and you have to go with what works.

[–] Supersonicsbrobro2
They might be about the same right now, but the thing is Reggie Jackson is a freak. He’s super athletic and long. You can’t teach that. Everyone looks at him and thinks he can be great.

[–]Pelicans IHaveNoFiya
From what happened in OKC he just seems like a very selfish player. Whatever different people, I guess.

[–] Supersonicsbrobro2
Oh I don’t disagree with that. But you hope you can coach the selfishness out of Reggie, or attribute it to his previous environment.

[–] SforSlacker
True Lin probably has the better attitude compared to jackson. In basketball terms jackson wins with athleticism but he’s a horrible off the ball player with no 3 pt shot where as lin is pretty average off ball and able to knock down the 3 .

[–]76ers mxnoob983
76密:Goddammit I said this last season. Pistons would have been a great spot for Lin. SVG loves that PnR this year.

[–]Pistons Khuroh
I think Jackson is probably better in terms of raw talent, but the talent gap isn’t wide enough to take on his apparent attitude issues. Plus it seems he’s looking to get paid, whereas I think Lin could be obtainable on a much more reasonable contract.

[–]Spurs Lorenzomax7
Best article about Jeremy Lin ever!

[–]Thunder TheCoxer
Lin’s numbers have improved across the board, but because of all the fire Byron Scott and Kevin McHale has put onto him, it seems as if Lin is a bad fucking player. Can he be a 1st or 2nd option? Probably not, but he’s smart and can run an offense, anchor the bench, or takeover when need be. I hope he signs somewhere good this offseason.

[–]Heat elbenji
He needs to go somewhere positive for once where he wont have the heat of the world on his ass. Before Dragic, I wanted him down here, but now he needs to go somewhere with a player’s coach, like San Antonio where he can be successful.

[–]Bucks The_R3medy
I would love him in Milwaukee. Learning from Kidd could be amazing for him

[–]Heat elbenji
That…would actually be an amazing fit. Low pressure. Kidd. Relaxed players.

[–]76ers mxnoob983
I’m still hoping for Detroit, though I agree Kidd would be a great mentor for him. Lin needs a young modern coach tbh. D’antoni isn’t young, but he is very modern.

[–] AtTheFuneralParty
Don’t worry. There are competent coaches in this league that know his value. He will end up somewhere good. Lin is a value player if ever there was one. Milwaukee, SA, Chicago possibly… There are many places where he could go and make an impact.


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